modern Homes

At Koenig Developments we make your most luxurious visions take shape.

Every inch scrutinized by our expert craftsmen.

After all your biggest dream should never be a compromise.

What we do

Build you the dream home you always wanted

Helping you build a new commercial project

Guiding you through real estate investment

Helping with project management

Providing you with consultation services

Arranging to finance for your projects

Builder story

Koenig Developments was founded
by Schuren Sriskandarajah.

Schuren Sriskandarajah has spent the last 15 years devoting himself to becoming one of the top real estate professionals in the Greater Toronto Area. It’s his passion and his joy to help people achieve their real estate dreams. Whether it’s designing a custom home that will become somebody’s dream home, helping a family sell a house they’ve outgrown, or making a business owner’s dreams come true in the commercial real estate realm, watching his clients succeed is how he defines success.

He came to the real estate profession after spending time in other fields. After finishing his Bachelor’s degree in Information Technology and spending a brief period of time in the corporate world as a network analyst he turned his sights to a career in real estate. Fifteen years later, he’s never looked back. He’s a visionary professional, and it is his mission in life to use the skills, resources, and experience he’s acquired over the last decade and a half to making your dreams a reality.

Whether you’re looking for a consultant to help you on land development projects, seeking a partner in project management, or looking to construct your dream home, Schuren and his team are here to help you every step of the way. His story is one of dedication to his clients, and he welcomes the chance to be included in your story as you build your future.