Real estate investments are often talked about, and there’s a wealth of information available for potential investors online. But talking/reading about real estate investing and becoming successful at it are two different things. At Koenig Developments we give you an opportunity to directly invest with us.

We give you the opportunity to part take in our investment projects. Be it a subdivision or a custom built home. You can invest with Koenig Developments and share the profits of that development.
We do all the careful analysis of each project and give you full disclosure on risk/reward scenarios. You choose the project that you feel most comfortable with. Don’t like to make decisions?

Aquiring a business creating provider that actually has learned the topic is excellent. All of us research any curriculum and directions intimately plus formulate quite possibly the most ideal .

Leave it to us and we will invest in a project and pay you set interest monthly. Typical interest ranges from 8%-12% depending on the project.

Your funds will be secured against the development property for your principal amount. Full disclosure will be given to each investor and to be reviewed by your own solicitor so you will have peace and comfort.
Koenig developments require a minimum investment of $30k.

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